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“Music about turning intangible emotions into tangible songs. Art isn’t made to numb the mind, it‘s made to wake it up”.


Catharsis & Diversity; these are two principles that producer, engineer, songwriter, and multi- instrumentalist Rayan Bailouni believes in. Catharsis makes us open our deepest emotions and memories. Diversity opens our eyes to different peoples’ experiences and the emotions from them. He is dedicated to bringing these two things together.



After getting his Msc in biotech, Rayan left the pharmaceutical world in 2016 to fully pursue his lifelong love for music. Based in Dubai, he is widely recognized as one of the most talented and versatile English music producers in the region. with productions in RnB, Hip-hop, pop, trap, Neo-Soul, Progressive Rock and Heavy Metal he quickly became known for his ability to seamlessly blur the lines between genres.


By 2019 he had produced/written/engineered over 250 songs, 11 million streams while working with over 45 artists of different styles. His portfolio includes winners, finalists and contestants from the X Factor and Voice Arabia, Germany, Australia, and Lebanon.



The turn of the 2019/2020 saw Rayan have his best year. He wrote, composed, mixed, mastered and produced the official Rally Dakar 2020 Theme Track, “Million Miles” performed by Hamza Hawsawi. He gave an official apple talk in Dubai Mall apple store on “Fusing Songwriting and Production”. Rayan was also named the community ambassador of nomad DXB, which led him to directing a two-week bootcamp guiding 15 creatives through songwriting and production resulting in a 7-song EP he executively produced and engineered called “On The Rise”.


Beat Lab

Rayan recently launched an Instagram video series called “Beat Lab”. The weekly videos have accumulated over 3 million views and led to a spike in online attention from acts such as Russ, Falling In Reverse, D12, Snow Tha Product and a host of labels. The videos have been highlighted in regional and international press.


Whether you know him as the ‘mad scientist’ or the ‘beat lab professor’, Rayan is set on changing the landscape of narrating conflict and difference. “Music is an actual language. Many people don’t know that 99% of the area our brains use for language is the same areas used to listen to music. Every song is an opportunity to ‘say’ something new, to speak different and find new ways of narrating what’s going on in the inside vs outside”.



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