Starting back in 2007, Rayan cut his teeth working on personal projects and local bands. Since moving back to Dubai, he has played a significant role in the rebirth of the current local music scene. Working with a wide array of artists from different genres Rayan has endeavored into RnB, Triphop, Heavy Metal, Rap, Pop, Indie, Folk, and Rock.


Managing a dual act between executive producer and singer/songwriter he is a founding member of CTG Productions. Renowned for his modern, crisp and clear, prominent low-end sound he is set on exploring the furthest depths of the music scene and collaborating with musicians worldwide. 

“People in the UAE are still s­­­­hocked when critically acclaimed international artists come to play shows here. At the same time, those international artists are shocked at getting the opportunity to perform in such a globally renowned city. There is a massive disconnect between local art and it’s audience. There needs to be a serious paradigm shift. Art is not exclusive to foreign soil”.
- Rayan, Producer
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